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Official home of the original CGBeadroller. Graphite cavity marvers for the lampwork industry.
Don't settle for cheap knockoffs.
Made with superior optical grade graphite. Machine finished with diamonds.
I am also a self representing artist. All beads are hand made by me from soft (soda lime) glass, kiln annealed for strength and durability.


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I'm working on getting a new website, this may take longer than I hoped for, but it will be worth it, so bare with me please.
For now: BR-171 Large Ear Plugs & BR-172 Jumbo Ear Plugs have been added to the catalog.

Four new tools:
BR-165 Laura's Cabochons is under Ear Gauges & Other Shapes
BR-166 Mega Round Pandora Style
BR-167 Mega Round #2 Pandora Style
BR-168 Mega Round #3 Pandora Style
I'll talk a bit about Laura's Cabs. This was a requested tool that I could see a lot of potential in. The original intent was for making cuff links, but there are so many things that can be made. I lit my torch and used it to enhance the ends of ear plugs - love them. I can also see making cabochons to glue onto ring tops, post earrings, and pendent bails. If you buy this tool, I would love to hear what creative use you come up with.

I'm a big fan of a feature on the NASA website called Astronomy Picture of the Day. Not only are the pictures fascinating, I find bead inspiration there. Here are some of my latest favorite pix, see what you can do with them:  Fibrils Flower on the SunMilky Way over Erupting VolcanoThe Sombrero GalaxyOur Galaxy's Magnetic Field from PlanckReflections on the 1970s.

It's two weeks away so I'm having a Mothers Day Sale. (click the catalog link on the left)
1) 15% off all CGBeadrollers
2) 15% off all findings
3) 1 free frit with purchase of 3 frit blends

1) Sale ends Thursday (midnight-ish) May 7th
2) Email me your frit choice or discount requests (so I can refund your discount).

There's also 8 new frit blends on the frit page. Blueish-green-turquoise seems to be popular this season, so check you the new blends I've mixed up.

It's an old trick, but just for some fun - type 'do a barrel roll' into the google search box.

I'm back from my demo at the Fire and Rain Retreat held at the Pilchuck Glass School north of Seattle. I spent an hour demo-ing and answering questions about my CGBeadrollers and how to work with EDP. I felt fortunate to be invited, the grounds are spectacular, calm and exhilarating at the same time, they are a lucky bunch of people. As always, the ride to the airport is one of the prettiest in the country, with the Space Needle and My Rainier to point the way.

Shipping will be shut down for a couple of days again, no shipping Friday the 24th and Monday the 27th. I was asked to do a demo at a retreat, not just any retreat, but one at Pilchuck. Oh ya, I'm excited to demo for them, and to be able to see the Pilchuck campus, what an awesome place to have a retreat! I'll post some pix.

I'm back from Glass Craft, but an intestinal thing we all caught while there is still hanging on so I'll make this short.
If you follow me on facebook you've seen these pictures, but I wanted to post them here as well. Vegas is full of bead inspiration so I took a few pictures. See what you can do with some of these patterns in hot glass.

I'll be at Glass Craft in Vegas next week at the South Point Hotel. If you're going, I'll be in booth 619/621. Stop by and see the new Plug Ends CGBeadrollers. The website will be open, but shipping will be closed April 3rd through 15th.

NEW GRADUATED SETS: Figures Set & Plug Ear Gauges plus Plug Ends
NEW TOOLS: BR-162 Med Tube Trio & BR-163-Sm Plug Ends | BR-164 Med Plug Ends

BR-160 & BR-162 have complimentary lengths to BR-95.
7 by 25 / 32 / 38mm long
8 by 25 / 32 / 38mm long
7 by 50mm long
8 by 50mm long
9 by 50mm long
10 by 50mm long
9 by 25 / 32 / 38mm long
10 by 25 / 32 / 38mm long

Two new CGBeadrollers are up. I so admire anyone who makes long slender beads, they are difficult for me. I have a hard time getting both ends to look alike, so I was really happy to finally get a nice shaped slender bead. In my experience, the more slender the bead, the easier it is to see the lack of symmetry. Sooo, I hope these two new tools help everyone who who wants to achieve that.
BR-160 Small Tube Trio

BR-161 Slender Ovals


There's a new CGBeadroller up!!! BR-158 Bead Lip Wrap. This one is a bit unusual - it doesn't make a bead, instead it refines a 'lip wrap' that's added to the ends of a bead. A while back someone asked if I would make a bicone with a lip on each end, so I put the idea on the drawing board. After thinking about this for a looooong time, I finally wrapped (pun intended) my head around how to go a step further. By making the cavities for just the lip wrap, you can choose the shape of bead 'you' want, not the shape I've chosen for you. Bicone, oval, round, lentil, cube, etc. Two matching cavities on each row also allows you to shape the wraps on both sides of the bead without having to flip the tool to accommodate.

Spider-Fred, sitting on
top of a mirrored wall,.
I'm back from the Tucson show, had a great time connecting with some new fellow vendors, did great in the booth, it was a win/win week. Big day of shipping now.

Now for the sad part of my week, our latest cat Fred is missing. He & I have become pretty attached the past year and I'm guessing he went looking for me. He will be the 4th cat in a year and a half that either went missing or I've had to put to sleep. I've never had a 'typical cat' cat before and I'm pretty devastated. Last night, I spent 2 hours walking around town after the city noise was quiet, shaking his treat can. Well, that was actually the third time I walked around looking for him. A couple of weeks ago he brought home a full grown rabbit, so even if he doesn't find a new home I know he'll be ok, but I'm gonna keep looking for him in the dead of the night when he can hear me rattle his treat can. Fortunately our city pound was shut down a few years ago, it was a 'kill' pound and they accidentally put some dogs to sleep while the owners were out of town. Now animal control contracts out to a 'no-kill' shelter, which I've already been to and left my info. Say a prayer for my Fred.

It's the 5th Anniversary of the CGBeadroller!
and there's a new sampler to celebrate. To date, I've shipped to all 50 states and over 35 countries, and am grateful for the wonderful reception the lampwork community has had for these tools.
In July, I was honored to teach a class at the Gathering in Houston, and I made a special sampler for the class. Each anniversary I introduce a new sampler, this year it's the Class Sampler from the Gathering.

Through January 29th:
1) The 5th Anniversary 'Class Sampler' will be $50 ($15 off the sampler price of $65)
2) The other 4 samplers will be on sale for $55 ($10 off the sampler price)

















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