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Official home of the original CGBeadroller. Graphite cavity marvers for the lampwork industry.
Don't settle for cheap knockoffs.
Made with superior optical grade graphite. Machine finished with diamonds.
I am also a self representing artist. All beads are hand made by me from soft (soda lime) glass, kiln annealed for strength and durability.


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It's the 5th Anniversary of the CGBeadroller!
and there's a new sampler to celebrate. To date, I've shipped to all 50 states and over 35 countries, and am grateful for the wonderful reception the lampwork community has had for these tools.
In July, I was honored to teach a class at the Gathering in Houston, and I made a special sampler for the class. Each anniversary I introduce a new sampler, this year it's the Class Sampler from the Gathering.

Through January 29th:
1) The 5th Anniversary 'Class Sampler' will be $50 ($15 off the sampler price of $65)
2) The other 4 samplers will be on sale for $55 ($10 off the sampler price)

As some of you know, I don't do custom tools, my machine is set up to make 10 tools at a time. There's just too much engineering and machine setup refinagling to make it cost effective to do one at a time, but if someone comes up with an idea that will appeal to the masses, I'll add it to the line. That's what happened here with BR-157 Heathers Dolls.

Heather Sellers emailed me a couple months ago and asked about nesting dolls. My first thought was that I already have the Angels/Dolls from last year, and wondered if they may be a bit too redundant. I went ahead and drew up the design, connected the head to the body in a bit different way, making them different enough to have two doll choices.

I sent Heather one of the tools ahead of time and thought she would make her famous Japanese Dolls, like the ones on her facebook page, but I got a HUGE surprise. Heather is one of the most out-of-the-box thinking beadmakers in our industry, and her beads are truly cartoon drawings in 3D. Here's what her brain stopped long enough to initially make. A Bowling Pin? Really? I would have never thought of a bowling pin from these cavities, that one takes the creative prize.

So now here's how to use BR-157 Heathers Dolls:
Step 1) Use the tool to make a base figure from 32mm to 42mm long.
Step 2) Put your brain in 'Heather mode', let your imagination run wild.
Heather Sellers
(Dragonfly Lampworks)
Tutorials on Etsy

Time for another special.
Receive 4 rods (1/8+ lb) of random Double Helix test batch glass from 2013:
1) For every CGBeadroller purchased
(must be at full price, multiple tool discount tools do not qualify)
2) For every $50 purchase of 'other' items
(ie. $100 purchase of findings/t-shirts/mandrels/frit/DHglass/etc gets you 2 bundles)
1) You 'must' email me to receive the special
(it's not automatic)
2) Special ends Sunday Night
(Dec 14th midnight-ish)
3) Supplies are limited
(if I run out I'll email you back with alternative item options)
4) Click here for the Catalog Page

I threw all the cats toys out a few weeks ago and decided to get 'fresh' ones, so I trekked over you my favorite dolor store last week. After picking up a couple I walked to the end of the isle and WOW, cat costume heaven! I think I riffled through them for a good half hour till I settled on a nice elf costume. Oh no, not for the cats, Stewey's getting Glamour Shots for Christmas. Think kids are sometimes hard to pose? Ever try to pose a dressed up rooster?

Round One: Stewey 1, mom 0
I will be trying again!

Cyber Monday is coming up, that means FREE SHIPPING. Here's the details:
1) Free Domestic Shipping (on all orders)
2) $5 International Shipping (on all orders)
3) You MUST email me so I can refund the shipping (it's not automatic)
4) Special ends Cyber Monday (12/1) Night (midnight-is or so)
5) Have a Great Weekend (this one is automatic, you don't have to request it)
6) Feel Free to over eat on Thanksgiving Day (you can exercise by partaking in Black Friday)
Ready? Set? GO!!!

Short update, I've been busy the past few weeks updating pages. Here's the list in case you've missed the newletter.
Tip of the Day
Customer Gallery
Chain by the Foot
Bead Counters
Trinity Brass Beadcaps
Kits: Earrings & Bracelets
Donut CGBeadrollers: BR-152 (Medium) BR-153 (Large) BR-154 Mega

NEW!!! Bronze Chain by the Foot. I've looked for a long time for chain by the foot with links soldered shut. It's frustrating to test a piece of jewelry that I've just made, only to have the links open up when I take it off. Well, better with me than with a customer I guess, but I don't have to worry about that anymore. There are 11 styles and I'll add more in the future.

Here's my newest gizmo find for sale, a Bead Counter. It's a simple child's abacus and I use it this way:

Each row corresponds with a cavity on the tool. The top row of red counters are for the top cavity on the tool. I have 6 beads to the right, that means I've made 6 beads from that cavity. I have two orange beads to the right which means I took a break and don't have to remember that I only made two beads from the second cavity, and won't have to burn my face peeking into the kiln to see what I've done.

While you're here, check out the newest pages:
Trinity Beadcaps and Kits.
So lets have a contest to give away two of them. Email me your favorite set of beads made using a beadroller, Fred & Stewey will randomly pix two winners Saturday night (11/1/2014) around midnight-ish. I've started a Customer Gallery page and will put the pictures there so everyone can enjoy the eye candy. If you would like me to add a link to your website/Etsy/Facebook/etc, please include it.

DONUTS! DONUTS! DONUTS! The latest additions are here. A couple of months ago I realized I only had one 'regular' donut beadroller. That left the line pretty lacking, so I added three new versions. The size choice went from 7 donuts to 20, and they now range from 5x10mm up to 24x30mm. The larger ones are great sizes for aquarium beads, or just plain old encased murrini, great focal sizes.

The choice of rounds just grew again, with 32mm and 34mm, which is 1-1/3" (BR-150 Mega Round #3). I also made a chunky version of the tear drops (BR-151 Chunky Tear Drop). The new ones are the same length, but plumper and can

be mixed and matched. I'm thinking the chunky would make a nice 'drop' necklace, while the slimmer version would go good as the earrings.

And on a different note - Fred is morphing into a spider for Halloween. Actually he likes to perch on a bathroom wall that hold up a mirror. Spider Fred, Spider Fred, does whatever a Spider Fred does!

TIP OF THE DAY: Long beads that taper
1) Start by filling the smallest end first. If you add a bit too much glass, it's easier to roll the glass 'out' of the smaller end than 'into' it. If you are right handed it's easier to add glass to the right side of a bead, so start at the left. (If the cavities small end is on the right side of the paddle, simply hold the tool upside down.)
2) If needed, add a small stringer or dots to the very end, this will help fill the cavity and get a nice plump end.
3) Keep adding sections until the other end of the bead is reached.
4) Now you can finish off the bead on the right side the same way you finished off the first end.

The Giveaway has ended. Winners are Candis Donkin & Deb Cox.
Congrats to them, and thank you to everyone who played.

Giveaway ends Sunday night, 9/28.

BR-148 Medium Plug
Ear Gauges


Plug Sets - - Tunnel Sets
Here's the plugs and tunnels I made. I finally have a use for those 'shaped' mandrels I have. How cool would that be to let people mix and match, can you see someone with a heart in one ear and a triangle in the other? The top one in the tunnels pix is with a thimble mandrel, but a cone shaped mandrel would give a more dramatic angled tunnel. I don't have any oval mandrels but I imagine those would be pretty cool too. Take a look at Gail's mandrels too (GG Glass), she has some fairly flat oval ones that would make an awesome slit. Here's a list of where to find 'shaped' mandrels.
Hearts: Zoozii's & ABR Triangles: ABR Ovals: GG Glass

TIP OF THE DAY: Tunnels & Plugs
1) Lay down a footprint shorter than the 11mm wide cavity. Don't worry, as you marver they grow because people tend to use more pressure than needed to shape, so start short.
2) Lay down your glass on the outer rims. As you shape the glass will fill in the curve without overfilling it.
3) The bead is formed on the upstroke coming out of the cavity, just like in all of the beadrollers, a tip learned from marble making. Pay attention to it coming out of the cavity, you can see it conform to the cavity shape. If it spills over into the mandrel/punty slots, you are using too much pressure when rolling.
BR-149 Large Tunnel
Ear Gauges

Example beads from the BR146 Fandy Pandora Style released last week.

getting good ends
1) think of the bead as two separate barrels (one long one with a shorter fatter one on top of it), and a donut in the middle. I make the long barrel first and get the ends right, then move up to the fatter barrel, and then to the donut. As you move up this keeps your direct flame away from the already formed ends.

2) when I'm done with the bead if the ends are still lacking, I add a couple of small dots to those end donuts, heat and press into the mold to help get them flattened, then roll to shape.

Been doing some more website cleanups. I'm in the process of streamlining pages. Also, the Glinter inventory has been updated, restock inventory ordered, along with a few new items, should arrive and be up in a week or two. We've also added 'findings kits' and will expand if the idea takes off (feedback is welcome).
And there's a new CGBeadroller category to help make it easier to shop for SETS.

NEW TOOL UP, Mandrel Slot CGBeadroller. I had a customer come to me a few weeks ago with a graphite tool she has, it was made with inferior graphite and she was wearing an unwanted groove in it. It was a simple design and I liked the concept, simply a large slot for a big hole bead mandrel so the side of the bead can be shaped. I went a step further and made more bang for the buck with two different sized slots. I have several beadrollers that will make big hole beads (like the one in the picture made from BR-104), and this tool makes finishing off 'any' big hole bead a dream.

Some friends and I took a field trip yesterday, we went to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see the Chihuly exhibit. It's one of the largest gatherings of his work. This is the installation is at the front door. It's 54 ft tall so where else would it fit? Not surprisingly, it took 1-1/2 years to assemble.

One of the things Chihuly installations are famous for is the interaction of light with his glass. And to make the day perfect, we stopped at a chocolate factory. Potato chips covered in what seems to be 5 layers of dark chocolate, I'm a happy camper.


With summer drawing to an end, it's time to have a 'drawing to the end of summer' sale. Details are on the Catalog News Page

Stewey says Hi, and remember, now that school is starting up again, watch for children when you drive. Those little creatures sometimes have a habit of not looking when they're in the street.

This is one of the tools in the line that has been born out of my own need. I get a bit frustrated using murrini. They slide down my torch mounted marver and bunch up next to the metal guard, or inevitably roll away if I place them on the table, and are tricky to pick up with a tweezers. I like putting them on the back of one of my marvers, but they slide off if I pick up the tool. The obvious solution was to make 'holding cavities', and I've finally gotten around to designing that tool.
There are 25 cavities to hold the murrini, and they range in size from 6mm to 12mm. The cavities are 2mm deep, deep enough that the murrini won't fall out when the tool is picked up, shallow enough for picking up the murrini with a tweezers or directly onto the hot bead. Then I went a step further and added a gently curved lentil cavity for reshaping, or use it to hold a bit of crushed aventurine. Can be found on the Misc page, the Mixed page, and the Frit page.

If you're a tweezers-user-murrini-picker-upper-guy, you can really load up. If you're a plunge-the-bead-onto-the-murrini-to-pick-it-up-guy, there are enough cavities to space the murrini far enough apart to accommodate that method. If you're a prewarm-my-murrini-guy, you can place the tool on top of the kiln (along with your murrini) to get some heat into the graphite.

The Gathering was good, no, the Gathering was great. If you've never been to one, please consider going to the one next year in Albuquerque (July), watch the ISGB website for details. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my two workshops. I forgot to take a picture, but someone posted one on Facebook that I borrowed. Unfortunately I missed all of the events, but soooo many people stopped by my booth. This was my 4th year as a vendor, I was surprised at how many people I recognize this year. A big thanks to everyone for stopping by, made my days go by faster.

Gathering Sale Ends July 20th

The long awaited 'Ear Gauges' CGBeadrollers have arrived, and they have their own category, and there are two different versions: tunnels and plugs. The tunnels middle gauge diameters (the diameter in the middle that will touch the ear) range from 3mm to 13mm and 14mm to 19mm.

Right now I'm only releasing one of two in the 'plug' category. The bigger version is taking a bit longer than expected, but I wanted to release this one before I go to the Gathering next week. This version is extremely simple to use. I placed the cavity at the edge of the paddle so you can use any size punty or glass rod you choose. I'm not adept with using a punty so I simply made my practice plugs on the end of a 3/32" mandrel. The plug will have a hole in one side and the wearer can either put that in the back of their ears or proudly display it in the front as new style ear plug. The plugs middle gauge diameters range from 3mm up to 13mm on this version. The tool yet to come out will range from 14mm up to 20mm.

Well there it is, in all it's glory, the new ride. What else do you replace a Jeep with except another Jeep. Right? and that's what I had my heart set on. "Best laid plans....."
Here was the criteria:
1) need utilitarian - I haul stuff
2) no 'bubble car' shape - thus the Jeep fetish
3) 'get up and go' engine - loved my Cherokee
4) need windows - I'm a visual driver, mirrors scare me

We stopped and looked at the Honda CRV on our way to the Jeep dealer. The space in the back of CRV was so-so. After a Jeep, this was a bit claustrophobic, but I expected that, it was a bit 'bubble car-ish'. Back up camera was nice but I'm ok without one. Okaaay, that was fun.
I don't drive enough to warrant buying a high dolor vehicle, so I chose to look at the Jeep Patriot and the Compass. Ahhh, thought I was in heaven, then I saw the back seats folded down. The floor space wasn't at all like what I was use to with my Cherokee, the seats didn't even lay flat. Bummers, BIG time. Walking back to the front of the lot, we walked by a row of Dodges. "Hay, what are those?" That's a Dodge Caravan." "No way that's a mini van!" See, I HATE 'bubble cars' - AND vans, but this wasn't either one. After closing my jaw, I peeked inside, then did a test drive. Space - check. Not a bubble - 90% check. Get up and go - double check. 360 degree driving view with no blind spot - check. Long story short, I'm a soccer mom 20 years after the fact, but I'd still rather have my no-payments no-repairs 95' Jeep Cherokee back (and would give and arm and leg to have Weazel back)
Have a wonderful safe fun filled 4th of July

This has been one horrible week, and I am sick of it. My treasured cat Weazel has been sick. He tested positive for FIV last September, but we didn't know if it was really FIV or a false reading from FIV vaccinations. He has deteriorated quit a lot in the past couple of weeks, so I took him to the vet this morning. Without putting him through excruciating testing, we determined there were too many positive signs, and I made the decision to put him to sleep. Of all the pets I've had over my lifetime, he was my favorite. He was a Black Tabby and one of the pretties cats I've ever seen. His subtitle was "the best darn cat in the world" and I am saddend beyond belief. This has been a week for letting go.

















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