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Official home of the original CGBeadroller. Graphite cavity marvers for the lampwork industry.
Don't settle for cheap knockoffs.
Made with superior optical grade graphite. Machine finished with diamonds.
I am also a self representing artist. All beads are hand made by me from soft (soda lime) glass, kiln annealed for strength and durability.


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Gathering Sale       Ends July 20th

The long awaited 'Ear Gauges' CGBeadrollers have arrived, and they have their own category, and there are two different versions: tunnels and plugs.  The tunnels middle gauge diameters (the diameter in the middle that will touch the ear) range from 3mm to 13mm and 14mm to 19mm.
Right now I'm only releasing one of two in the 'plug' category. The bigger version is taking a bit longer than expected, but I wanted to release this one before I go to the Gathering next week.  This version is extremely simple to use. I placed the cavity at the edge of the paddle so you can use any size punty or glass rod you choose. I'm not adept with using a punty so I simply made my practice plugs on the end of a 3/32" mandrel. The plug will have a hole in one side and the wearer can either put that in the back of their ears or proudly display it in the front as new style ear plug.   The plugs middle gauge diameters range from 3mm up to 13mm on this version. The tool yet to come out will range from 14mm up to 20mm.

Well there it is, in all it's glory, the new ride. What else do you replace a Jeep with except another Jeep. Right? and that's what I had my heart set on. "Best laid plans....."
Here was the criteria:
1) need utilitarian - I haul stuff
2) no 'bubble car' shape - thus the Jeep fetish
3) 'get up and go' engine - loved my Cherokee
4) need windows - I'm a visual driver, mirrors scare me

We stopped and looked at the Honda CRV on our way to the Jeep dealer. The space in the back of CRV was so-so. After a Jeep, this was a bit claustrophobic, but I expected that, it was a bit 'bubble car-ish'. Back up camera was nice but I'm ok without one. Okaaay, that was fun.
I don't drive enough to warrant buying a high dolor vehicle, so I chose to look at the Jeep Patriot and the Compass. Ahhh, thought I was in heaven, then I saw the back seats folded down. The floor space wasn't at all like what I was use to with my Cherokee, the seats didn't even lay flat. Bummers, BIG time. Walking back to the front of the lot, we walked by a row of Dodges. "Hay, what are those?" That's a Dodge Caravan." "No way that's a mini van!" See, I HATE 'bubble cars' - AND vans, but this wasn't either one. After closing my jaw, I peeked inside, then did a test drive. Space - check. Not a bubble - 90% check. Get up and go - double check. 360 degree driving view with no blind spot - check. Long story short, I'm a soccer mom 20 years after the fact, but I'd still rather have my no-payments no-repairs 95' Jeep Cherokee back (and would give and arm and leg to have Weazel back)
Have a wonderful safe fun filled 4th of July

This has been one horrible week, and I am sick of it. My treasured cat Weazel has been sick. He tested positive for FIV last September, but we didn't know if it was really FIV or a false reading from FIV vaccinations. He has deteriorated quit a lot in the past couple of weeks, so I took him to the vet this morning. Without putting him through excruciating testing, we determined there were too many positive signs, and I made the decision to put him to sleep. Of all the pets I've had over my lifetime, he was my favorite. He was a Black Tabby and one of the pretties cats I've ever seen. His subtitle was "the best darn cat in the world" and I am saddend beyond belief. This has been a week for letting go.

I was in a car accident the other day. My treasured 95' Jeep Cherokee was totaled. The guy tried to cross in front of me and our bumpers kissed and he drove me into a parked truck. Totaled the entire front, hood, bumper, both doors, bent the frame. Hit me hard enough to knock my glasses off, but no one was hurt.

When they say accidents happen so fast, they mean it. My brain told me to step on the breaks, but I never got the chance. Except for the obligatory backing into something, this was my first accident, hope it's my last.
I'm pretty bummed about loosing this car, I've had it for 15 years and intended it to be the last one I would own. Take a look at the odometer for proof of that, 229,523 miles. Driving to the Gathering would have given me the 230K landmark.

Made the Dena's Blue Jean beads into a necklace. I found some dynamite toggles at a show recently. They're two sided sterling silver, they are too pretty to put in the back out of sight, so I put this one off centered in the front of the necklace.

I spent some time at the torch yesterday and made a set of Dena's Blue Jean beads to make into a necklace. How to get this blue is one of the things I'll be teaching in the workshops I'll be doing at The Gathering (in July) in Houston. I'll also be teaching how I use raku frit, and the basic of using CGBeadrollers. This fall I'll start up my teaching studio again and teach the class here.

But first, I'm off to Bead & Button in a couple of weeks. Look for us in booth 814, June 6-8. Kara will have her findings there, too.

$10 Tool Sale in the Sales Rack

Two new tools, check the Catalog New Page for details.
We'll be at Bead & Button June 6-8. The show has provided it's vendors with a FREE ADMISSION ticket. Click here to open the pdf and print. We moved across the isle from where we were last year, so look for booth 814. It's a corner booth, that means lots more room for tools and findings. This year I'm even going to have some of my beads, and the buttons I started making.

More buttons out of the kiln. One set was so anxious to go to market that they attached themselves to the selling cards before the photo shoot. These are Double Helix Psyche, the over zillions golden ones are Aion.

Spruced up the website again, there's' now a page with all of the Ribbed CGBeadrollers on it.

Last year I bought a button mandrel, this week I drug it out to try. Ya, it took me a whole year. I've made them before with a home made mandrel that never worked decent and I struggled with, but now I think buttons are my new thing. These I did free form with a test batch of Double Helix glass that I over struck in the kiln, but turned out pretty anyway. Now that I have the confidence to make them, I'll try using one of the CGBeadroller button molds and make some nice shaped ones.

This is a necklace I made a few weeks ago. The glass is an old ASK Silver Cinnamon I've been saving for just the right set. The tool is the BR-86-01 Graduated Drops and it took me less than an hour to make all 43 beads. I've worn it a couple of time already and it's an awesome piece, this shape of bead is extremely comfortable, and I've made a couple of more sets, just need to wait for the spacer Swarovski crystals to come in, then I'll show them.

Another small footnote today, I've made a page for the Spacer CGBeadrollers.

Just a small footnote today, someone suggested I make a page for the Pandora CGBeadrollers, so I did.
What a fabulous idea!!!

Last month we did a BOC at my house before the local bead group. I used the angels & dolls beadroller to make some cats (and a big yellow mouse). I don't do sculptures so the faces and legs are not great. While I'm adding something I tend to forget where the rest of the bead is, so some have melted noses, I need better concentration and more practice.

Someone suggested using this shape to make a chess set, someday I'd like to try that too. I think for a chess set though, the mandrel should not go all the way through the head.

I'm back from Glass Craft, the next big show is Whole Bead in Lynnwood (just outside of Seattle), May 2-4. Please come see us, Kara will have lots of findings, and I'm taking my lampwork beads, and of course - tools.

Metal sheets are back up on the website, check the page for the special going on. We're building inventory so we don't have to remove website stock for shows, (thanks for your patience). The other special is free frit, check the frit page for details.

Went to Lowe's today and found this guy flying amounts the flowers. Aren't cell phone camera's one of the top greatest inventions ever? I'm amazed at the color of the poppy with a cell phone camera.

Come see us at our Glass Craft Bead & Expo booth.
South Point Hotel & Conference Center, Las Vegas
March 28 - 30

In my effort to get ready for the Glass Craft show in Vegas in a few weeks, I've been making sample beads from the more resent beadrollers. Then I spent a few days making 'thinking outside the box' beads. I took some shapes and smashed them to show what they would look like. (click the image for a larger view, click on the description for the category page) I've also made this into a PDF if you'd like to print out a picture guide.

I'm fondest of the angels, I think they will make great bases for people or your favorite cat bead. The bullets are another starter shape for animal bodies, simply add a detached sculpted head bead. Cones have a straighter shape than the curved bullets, so they flatten with a bit more of a bottle neck. The slimmer the cone, (obviously) the slimmer the flattened bead will be.






If you like making hearts, the more you leave the big end of the eggs dimpled in, the more it flattens into a heart shape. The key here is that the footprint will hold it's ground as you squash the bead. Bicones and ChiChi's form interesting shapes for focals, just add decoration. The barrel surprised me the most, I thought the ends would squash out more. That means the barrel will make a perfect pre-shape for all those square presses you have laying around and can't get the right amount of glass for, and of course, it also makes a nice flattened bead all on it's own.






If you're looking for awesome tabs; the ovals, donuts and rounds will give you a nice pallet to decorate. The slimmer the bead, the slimmer the tab (again, obvious), with the olives forming the 'roundest' tab of any shape in the CGBeadroller line. Chunky donuts are like the barrels and drums and tend to leave the ends fairly squared off. You would think the round would make a round flattened bead, but as mentioned before, the footprint hold it's ground and you will get kind of an apple shape.






I've just added a new category, Metal Sheets. If you you work with metal, this is an awesome category. Just like the metal blanks, these sheets are 'raw' metals and only come in quantity of one while we are stocking the line. Lots of different textures in three metals and two sizes: brass, copper and nickel silver - (on the plus size of:) 2" x 3" and 2" x 6".

Free shipping weekend. Starts today and ends Sunday midnight.
Domestic free shipping
Canada $2
International $7
Time for another contest. See my CGBeads Facebook Business Page for details (click here)
New CGBeadroller T-Shirt is up for sale!!

What's new? Metal blanks! For the present, there is only one quantity (one package of 3) per item while we are gearing up this new category. These are raw metal blanks used for enameling and metal smithing. Kara's pretty excited to be adding to her findings section. Please bear with us while she expand the line. I'm working on listing the sterling silver blanks, sheet metal and bezel metal.

Happy Valentines Day!
I'm back from the Tucson show. It's wasn't a very good experience, I wasn't happy with To Bead True Blue so I'll be applying for different show next year. This one will be all glass people, that will be awesome. It's a new show being put on my Lewis Wilson, and will be a mix of "glass art, marbles, pendants, beads, murinni, sculptures". Here's a link to Glassland facebook if you are interested in following it.

On to tools - - Two new ones are out, these are something I should have done two years ago. #69 Baroque has some sizes missing, which is fine is you want a sampling of the shape. Well if you want a more complete graduating of sizes, we now have them. 11 sizes ranging from 11x15.5mm up to 21x25.5mm.
BR-69-01 Baroque

BR-140-01 Small Baroque BR-141-01 Medium Baroque

It's been an amazing 5 years of inventing, manufacturing and selling the CGBeadrollers. Thank you everyone for making it such a success. The winners of the Anniversary Drawing tool are: Patty Miller, Debra Bartshe Jennings, Carole Hughes, Gisela Rautenberg, and Sharon Driscol. May the next 5 years of the CGBeadroller be as good as the first 5.

Now I'm off to Tucson, and will have a booth at To Bead True Blue this year, please stop by.

CGBeads is celebrating!
It's the 5th Anniversary of the CGBeadrollers. Where did the time go? I want to thank all my loyal customers for making what I thought was a helpful tool into the success it is today, and here's how I'm celebrating (all specials end Feb 2nd):

1) For the 5th Anniversary of the CGBeadrollers, and I'm marking it with another sampler version tool. This one is a Fancy Sampler. It included some of the (wait for it) - - fancier shapes. The catch is that Feb 3rd, the Fancy Sampler will go on hiatus until the Gathering in Houston this coming July.

2) Specials, I guess we need those for the sellebration, too. The other samplers will be 50% off.

3) 50 % off shipping (no need to explain this one).

4) I'm going to start teaching a 'tool class' and have designed a specific tool to teach from. It's a nice little mix and can be purchased after taking the class. But that's no fun, so lets have a 5th Anniversary drawing and I'll give away 5 of them. (mental note for the back of your mind, I'll be teaching a workshop at the ISGB Gathering in July. Class schedule to be taught in my own CGBeads studio to be announce soon.)

To enter the drawing, go to my facebook page and share the post (pinned to the top of the page). If you're not on facebook, just send me an email saying you would like to be entered. I'll pick 5 people at random and announce it on Superbowl Sunday evening (Feb 2nd).

This is the Anniversary Tool, The Fancy Sampler
(for sale here)
This is the Class Tool for the Facebook Drawing

Here are the example beads from the newest CGBeadrollers, teardrops & olives. I pay a lot attention to the latest jewelry fads, and things dangling from a single chain necklace are in lately. Not to mention the classic teardrop on a chain, and don't forget earrings....

Here is what the smallest 7 and the largest olive beads look like smashed, they make a pretty nice round 'flat' surface, and I'm imagining they will be a pretty good 'pre-shape' to use for lentil presses, too.


4 new tools to kick off the new year with. See 'Catalog New' page for details.


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